K'MAC Co., Ltd. is the company which does planning, designing and purchasing the composite parts and products made from iron, aluminum and resin.

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Business Overview

Combining three units to meet diverse customer needs

K'MAC Industry Co., Ltd. leverage its technology and expertise in the field of fasteners – a main focus of output since the company was established – together with its network of partner companies to provide customers with modern components, products and services. This provision is based on the operations of its Construction, Commodity and Nursing Care Unit, its Automobile and Industrial Machine Component Unit and its Environment, Ecology and Energy Unit.

Automobile and Industrial Machine Component Unit

Automobile and Industrial
Machine Component Unit

Major Products
Automobile seatbelts
Airbag components
Cold-forged components,
cold-headed components
Assembly parts
Cut articles
Metal sintered articles
Wire materials, pipes, processed wire articles

Environment, Ecology andEnergy Unit

Environment, Ecology
and Energy Unit

Major Products
Solar power generation module frames and system racks
(for residential/industrial use)
LED lighting components
(for stores/streetlights/signs)
SCR NOx removal equipment components
(for plants/ships)
Office furniture and related functional components
(resin, aluminum, etc.)
Hospital furniture
(food trolleys/carts)
Fasteners, cold-headed/hot-rolled components, cut components
(shaped materials, plate materials, etc.)
Stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals

Construction, Commodity and Nursing Care Unit

Construction, Commodity
and Nursing Care Unit

Major Products
Nursing care items and railway accessibility ramps
Wheelchair products
Bathroom products
(bathtub shelves, non-slip mats, cabinets, accessories, etc.)
Sheet-metal and resin bathroom components
Bathtub lids
FRP industrial articles
Shower heads
Multipurpose sinks (garden sinks)
Extruded components
Interior hanger pipes and wall-mounted brackets
Ventilation system components

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