K'MAC Co., Ltd. is the company which does planning, designing and purchasing the composite parts and products made from iron, aluminum and resin.

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Privacy Policy

K'MAC Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "the Company") strives to appropriately protect personal information in accordance with the policy outlined below.

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Handling of Personal Information

Compliance with Personal Information Protection Laws and Regulations
Personal information is handled appropriately in compliance with related laws and regulations.
Acquisition of Personal Information
The Company strives to clearly state the purpose(s) for which personal information is collected, and acquires such information in a legal and honest manner.
Usage of Personal Information
Acquired personal information is used only for the purposes for which it was collected, or for reasonably related purposes, and only to the extent necessary for the conduct of related business.
Joint Usage of Personal Information
When personal information is used in conjunction with a third party, or its usage is consigned to a third party, the Company supervises the utilization of the information by the said party to ensure appropriate handling.
Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
Except when otherwise specified by law, the Company does not provide personal information to third parties without first obtaining the consent of the information owner.
Management of Personal Information
The Company strives to ensure that personal information is kept accurate and up to date. It implements necessary and appropriate information security measures in order to create a system for appropriate handling and management of such information, as well as to prevent related loss, tampering or leakage.
Disclosure, Correction, Usage Suspension and Deletion of Personal Information
When asked to disclose, correct, suspend the usage of or delete personal information, the Company will comply in accordance with the law after confirming that the request is in fact from the information owner.
Establishment of a Compliance Program
In order to implement this personal information protection policy, the Company has established a compliance program to ensure thorough awareness within the company based on training and education. The Company makes continual improvements to the compliance program in order to maintain its optimal condition.

Web Usage

Purposes of Personal Information Collection
The Company collects personal information from customers through this website for the following purposes:
・ To reply to and fulfill customer requests for materials, customer inquiries, etc.
・ To send product information, etc. and product news
・ As statistical data to be used in service and product development
Handling and Management of Personal Information
Personal information registered by customers is used and protected appropriately by the Company in accordance with its personal information protection policy. The Company may consign some or all operations involving the use of personal information to third parties (delivery companies, etc.) to the extent necessary for the conduct of related business.
Contact for Purposes of Confirmation, etc.
Customers (i.e., owners of personal information) may also be contacted by telephone, fax, e-mail, post, etc. to enable confirmation of registered personal information.

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