K'MAC Co., Ltd. is the company which does planning, designing and purchasing the composite parts and products made from iron, aluminum and resin.

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Construction, Commodity and Nursing Care Unit

The Construction, Commodity and Nursing Care Unit is divided into four sections — the Nursing Care Device Division, the Housing Equipment Division, the Commodity Division and the Construction Products Division. These sections work together to issue proposals optimized for individual customers.

The Nursing Care Device Division

Nursing Care

For over half a century, the Nursing Care Device Division has engaged in manufacturing using fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) processing technologies. It also excels at developing nursing care devices and industrial items made using fiber-reinforced plastic and composite technologies for the combination of FRP with metals such as aluminum. The division speedily handles customer requests ranging from orders for custom-made products to small lots.

Housing Equipment

The Housing Equipment Division

The Housing Equipment Division and the Construction Products Division have in-house development teams that handle product planning, development and design, and manufacturing. They use a component management and production system developed in-house for component procurement, storage and packaging, reliably supplying products to customers in both the East and the West. Their network of over 100 domestic and overseas suppliers covers every type of material, and work with partner companies ensures the provision of optimal proposals to customers from a diverse line-up of products and services.

Housing Equipment

The Commodity Division

The Commodity Division supplies Commodity with added value, including lightweight, shatter-resistant, safe, secure, fog-resistant resin mirrors as a flagship product in addition to Ag fold-up bathtub lids with a design in which the properties of silver ions are used to inhibit the formation of slime and unpleasant odors. All bathtub lids are SG-mark certified.

The division handles detailed customer orders for diverse products, small lots, product assortments and the like.

Examples of Major Products

  • Nursing care items and railway accessibility ramps
  • Wheelchair products
  • Bathroom products
    (bathtub shelves, non-slip mats, cabinets, accessories, etc.)
  • Sheet-metal and resin bathroom components
  • Bathtub lids
  • FRP industrial articles
  • Shower heads
  • FRP industrial articles
  • Shower heads
  • Multipurpose sinks (for garden use)
  • Die-cast components
  • Interior hanger pipes and wall-mounted brackets
  • Ventilation system components
  • Mirrors (glass, resin, stainless steel)

Examples of Major Products

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