K'MAC Co., Ltd. is the company which does planning, designing and purchasing the composite parts and products made from iron, aluminum and resin.

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Environment, Ecology and Energy Unit

The Environment, Ecology and Energy Unit is made up of the Environmental Industrial Machine Division and the Light Metals Division. It encompasses a wide range of fields including environmental technology products such as aluminum frames for solar panel, LED frames and industrial equipment such as construction material components, office furniture, medical and nursing care.

Environmental Industrial Machine Division

The Environmental Industrial Machine Division strives to provide comprehensive proposals combining product planning, design and development support, overseas procurement, manufacturing, logistics and material trading functions.

The division's development and design team uses 3D CAD and 3D printers to create development proposals from the early stages of the product creation process with rapid response to customer requests.

It also has production lines focused on aluminum casting and assembly, allowing the provision of specific manufacturing proposals from the prototyping stage. The division's Shiga Plant boasts manufacturing technologies for the fields of construction, Aluminum production for environmental technology fields and automotive production, leveraging these functions as a unit that strives to fulfill customer’s needs and respond to their requests.

Flagship Product

The division carries an extensive line-up of solar panel racks – its flagship product – ranging from roof-incorporated racks (integrated construction material products) developed in conjunction with home builders and module manufacturers to racks used in mega solar plants. In response to customer requests, the division can also coordinate with the International Construction and Environmental Division to manufacture and procure components from overseas suppliers for dispatch to customers in Japan.

The Light Metals Division

The Light Metals Division specializes in trading operations, handling everything from aluminum – its core material – and non-ferrous metals such as stainless steel and copper to the stages of processing and assembly.

In order to meet customer needs, the division adopts a footwork-network-teamwork approach as a way of leveraging its organizational capabilities.

Both divisions work together in a cycle of differentiation and connection, actively engaging in sales proposal activities, bringing new expertise to the markets for solar power, construction materials, office equipment and medical/nursing care to meet customer demand.

The staff of the divisions strive to create trust and satisfaction by placing particular value on partnerships with customers.

Examples of Major Products


Major Products
Solar power generation module frames and system racks
(for residential/industrial use)
LED lighting components
(for stores/streetlights/signs)
SCR NOx removal equipment components
(for plants/ships)
Office furniture and related functional components
(resin, aluminum, etc.)
Hospital furniture
(food trolleys/carts)
Fasteners, cold-headed/hot-rolled components, cut components
Main Materials
Aluminum (shaped material, plate material, etc.)
Stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals


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