K'MAC Co., Ltd. is the company which does planning, designing and purchasing the composite parts and products made from iron, aluminum and resin.

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Automobile and Industrial Machine Component Unit

This unit leverages its unique delivery network and applies exacting quality management to supply products such as cold-headed components, cut articles, clips and rivets, as well as products made with core technologies such as pipe processing and wire crimp processing both in Japan and abroad.

Our trading and production capabilities allow us to meet a wide range of customer needs.

Trading company

Rather than simply stocking and selling products, we work together with customers from the development stage and comprehensively evaluate processing types, objectives, lots and costs in order to formulate optimal proposals.


Production facility

We not only have exceptional ability at mass-producing a diverse line-up of product types but also offer small-lot support – a service not possible with mass-production equipment – in line with customer requests.

This unit places particular focus on assembly components, whose production requires more advanced and complex processing methods than simple crimping or primary processing. These products enable us to provide customers with even greater added value.

Examples of Major Products

  • Automobile seatbelts
  • Cold-forged components, cold-headed components
  • Fasteners
  • Airbag components
  • Assembly parts
  • Cut articles

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